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What is Leased Operator Insurance?

As an owner operator, your insurance needs are complex. You need to protect your livelihood and your equipment; and if you are leased onto a motor carrier, your coverage need will be determined under the lease agreement.

While some employers may offer to provide these vital  insurance coverages, you can often get a better deal by purchasing them yourself. Plus, you'll be able to make choices to customize your policy to your needs and know exactly how much protection you're getting.

As an independent driver leased to a carrier, the carrier probably provides the majority of your liability insurance coverage. However, you should purchase your own physical damage insurance and non-trucking liability insurance for when you drive your truck on your own time. Insure My Rig has the insurance options you need.

If you need to get a quote on leased operator insurance contact our owner-operator expert Kim Kastel, or any of our sales representatives to give them your equipment information and they will get you a quote quickly.



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