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Thunder Funding - Freight Factoring

Turn tomorrow's invoices into cash today. Factoring freight invoices is a convenient and inexpensive way of speeding up your cash flow.

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Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-trucking liability insurance covers independent semi drivers when they are outside the scope of their lease agreement with the motor carrier. We answer all your non-trucking liability insurance questions right here at

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Leased Operator Truck Insurance

If you’re an independent semi owner operator leased to a motor carrier they likely will provide you with the majority of your liability insurance coverage. However, it’s usually in your best interest to buy your own non-trucking liability, physical damage and occupational accident insurance. This is known as Leased Owner Op Insurance. Get all your leased operator truck insurance questions answered right here at

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Commercial Trucking Fleet Owners - 10 Steps To Get The Best Deal On Trucking Insurance

A trucking company’s fleet insurance program is one of the most critical ‘spends’ that a fleet owner makes each year. But, this is often times a messy, aggravating process and very time-consuming. When it's all said and done you are hoping you've gotten your best deal but how can you ever be sure?

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How Can An Owner Operator Get the Best Deal Possible on Truck Insurance?

How can an owner-operator get the best possible deal on trucking insurance? There are a lot of reasons why it is hard for an owner operator to get the best deal possible on his truck insurance. An owner operator is one of the busiest business people on the planet earth...

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How to Purchase Your Trucking Insurance Every Time, Every Year

It’s easy to tell when your trucking insurance is coming up for renewal; your phone starts ringing off the hook with shippers wanting updated certificates and insurance agents begging to quote your business. As a business owner, you want to make the best choice you can for your trucking company, but there are so many choices TO make...

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