Short-Term or Temporary Bobtail Insurance

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What is the difference between temporary versus permanent non-trucking liability insurance.

Non-trucking liability is sometimes referred to as “bobtail” insurance. They are not exactly synonymous, but we know what you mean. Typically, when an owner operator says bobtail insurance, he is actually needing non-trucking liability insurance. The answer to the question of whether an owner-operator requires a temporary non-trucking liability policy or a permanent non-trucking liability insurance policy depends on your circumstances.

If you have purchased a new truck and you only need to drive it to the terminal of your motor carrier in order to sign your lease and formally commence your business relationship, then it’s quite possible you only need a temporary non-trucking liability insurance policy. And we can provide either a 10 day, or a 30 day policy to fit your needs.

Similarly, if you have Just purchased a truck and you only need to take it for a DOT inspection, or for some mechanical work, it’s entirely possible that a temporary non trucking policy will do the trick.

Also, if you are switching from one motor carrier to another and your old NTL policy has been canceled because you no longer have the required lease in place you might also need just a temporary policy. Again, give us a call, and we can assist you with the correct coverage for your situation.


Temporary non-trucking liability insurance policies are available for 10 days or 30 days. Along with that, it’s also possible to purchase temporary automobile physical damage insurance.

Keep in mind the guidelines for a temporary non-trucking liability policy require two years of driving experience including two months of experience driving during winter driving conditions.

If you need a temporary non-trucking liability insurance policy or a temporary automobile physical damage insurance policy call your friends at InsureMyRig. We can help you out with these temporary owner operator insurance policies.

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If you’re not sure whether you need a permanent or temporary policy, give us a call. We will be happy to talk you through it and make sure that you are properly covered. You can trust us with all your trucking insurance needs. Because the trucking insurance professionals at know the difference between a fifth wheel and the steering wheel!