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The unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and ethics anchor the core of a value system that launched with our family brand, Roemer Insurance continues to serve as our business philosophy today. Upon this foundation of trust, we've built an excellent reputation in our community and are grateful for the clients we are privileged to serve.

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"Two years ago I decided to change careers to escape office politics and daily drama. I chose to enter the logistics business as a hotshot carrier (heavy duty pickup and gooseneck trailer). After much research, I applied for my DOT authority and purchased my equipment. A friend that had previously driven trained me to drive my rig and secure my loads. It has been a very educational and interesting adventure. I have many roles in my company including driving a rig, dispatch and accounting. I travel across a majority of the U.S. hauling metal products, building materials including commercial A/C units, machinery and other such loads.. I have found there are very few women that drive flatbed solo and even less that operate a hotshot rig.

I went through several insurance agents in the beginning because they lacked knowledge of the trucking industry. I sought an agency that could answer my questions and offer me the best coverage for my needs. I searched the Internet and found several trucking insurance companies. I contacted several of them and chose Roemer Insurance based on the responses I received from the staff. They were very knowledgeable and was able to explain insurance coverages and the CSA process in terms I could understand. The whole Roemer team have been instrumental in me being able to continue a profitable business.

I have now mentored several others to start their hotshot businesses. When it comes to trucking insurance, I refer them to Roemer Insurance."

  • - Renae Garrett
  • O/O, RG Hauling LLC

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