Freight Factoring

Why wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid? Insure My Rig is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Thunder Funding to offer fair and honest factoring services. Rated # 1 by Truckers Report, Thunder Funding continues to lead the way in freight factoring. Like Insure My Rig, Thunder Funding only deals in Freight so you know you’ll be talking to someone who understands the business.


Thunder Funding - Fast Money for Trucking!

Turn Tomorrow's Invoices into Cash Today

Factoring freight invoices is a convenient and inexpensive way of speeding up your cashflow. The process is simple - give us just a few minutes to get you setup and you're all set.


3 Generations in Trucking

We aren't a group of bankers sitting behind a big desk in a big corporate office. We come from truckers, have worked in trucking and know the business inside and out.


Solely focused on Freight

Trucking is such an important part of our economy and the industry we have worked so hard in for many years. We work exclusively with trucking companies large and small.


Free Fuel Cards

Using the Thunder Funding Discount Fuel Card allows you to better control your fueling costs by offering huge savings at the pump at 14,000 locations across the US. It also gives you access to critical IFTA fueling reports.


Competitive Up-Front Pricing

You will always know exactly what you're paying per invoice (typically just a few cents for every dollar). We never charge fees for setup, invoicing, handling, postage, or any other nickel and diming. Our pricing is crystal clear.


No Long Contracts

We will NEVER ask you to sign a long-term commitment. If you're only as good as your last load, then we should only be as good as our last funding. We strive to provide a level of service that keeps you thrilled.


Find loads anytime, anywhere!

Imagine having the freedom of finding a load wherever you want to go, and the security of a backhaul home when you need it. 123Loadboard has joined in an exclusive relationship with Thunder Funding to offer special discounted pricing.

p: 888-931-1934 | f: 419-475-8750 | 3912 Sunforest Court, Toledo, Ohio 43623

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