9 Things You Never Knew About Non-Trucking Liability

Commercial Trucking Across the Nation
  1. Non-trucking liability, also known as NTL, covers you when you’re using a commercial vehicle for personal use.
  2. NTL will cover instances such as property damage or injury to a third party while you’re not under dispatch.
  3. This type of insurance covers all parts of your vehicle- both the tractor AND the trailer, as opposed to bobtail insurance which only covers the tractor.
  4. Non-trucking liability is commonly confused with bobtail insurance, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Non-trucking liability does not cover time spent without a trailer while under dispatch. Bobtail fills this gap between primary liability and non-trucking liability.
  5. Non-trucking liability specifically excludes trips while you’re under dispatch and driving without a trailer.
  6. NTL coverage is usually required by motor-carriers as it helps them to protect their own primary liability coverage.
  7. Specific circumstances dictate when NTL insurance would apply versus where bobtail or general liability. For example, a driver returning home after dropping their load could be covered under either bobtail OR non-trucking liability, depending on factors such as if they returned straight home or stopped along the way.
  8. Non-trucking liability does not provide the same level of coverage as bobtail insurance, but for this reason is less expensive.
  9. A good insurance provider such as Insure My Rig will help you to determine if non-trucking liability coverage is right for you, and to find the best policy for the best price.