Commercial Trucking Fleet Owners

How To Get The Best Possible Deal On Your Trucking Insurance - For The Long Haul

A trucking company’s fleet insurance program is one of the most critical ‘spends’ that a fleet owner makes each year. The cost of your insurance and the value adds that the insurance carrier and the insurance agent bring to your operation can make a BIG difference on your overall safety and profitability. But, the process of purchasing your trucking company's fleet insurance can be a royal pain in the neck. And no sooner have you completed the process, but it seems like it's time to start all over again. This is often times a messy, aggravating process and very time-consuming. When it's all said and done you are hoping you've gotten your best deal but how can you ever be sure?

The following guide will give you some tips from the experts on how to manage this critically important decision process in order to reduce its burden on your trucking company’s management team and streamline the necessary steps to give you an efficient and cost-effective result. The guiding principles are these: START EARLY, DELEGATE, BE DISCIPLINED AND CONSISTENT, and BE DECISIVE AND FAIR. Most successful fleet owners make it a goal to build lasting relationships wherever possible with the insurance professionals that serve your company’s fleet insurance needs. If you approach your insurance buying experience as a process that can be understood and improved, you will get the best possible deal with much less aggravation.