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January 2019: Auld Lang Syne and Trucking’s Brave New Year

Scottish poet Robert Burns is well remembered for his interpretation of "Auld Lang Syne,” an old Scottish song of remembrance and nostalgia for “Times Gone By.” A part Of Scotland’s ancient oral history, the popular, traditional song is sung at the stroke of midnight by people around the world ringing out the old year and ringing in the new.

While many may have warm feelings as they turn over the events of the past year and reminisce about days gone by, those in trucking might have a different attitude. Over the last 12 months the world of truck-based logistics and shipping collided head-on with ELD mandates, Hours of Service requirements and the lack of qualified drivers. It was a big year on a number of regulatory and economic fronts and these dynamics are sure to be ongoing as fleets and truck operators cruise into 2019.

If anything, Black Friday’s 2018 numbers are revealing the shift away from America’s traditional shopping habits. While in-store traffic was down, online sales were sharply up compared to the shopping season last year. According to Giselle Abramovich at CMO. (, Americans had more on their minds than turkey and pumpkin pie over the holiday weekend.

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