The Roemer Report

September 2018: Trucking’s Big Beautiful Picture

With Labor Day in the rear-view mirror and economic data remaining strong, it’s a safe bet that for most Americans the summer was a pretty good one. It seems like just about everybody’s Facebook and Instagram pages are filled with families and friends enjoying life; camping, hiking, biking, golfing, skiing, RV-ing, boating, swimming, eating, drinking and much more. Americans have been busy spending plenty of fresh disposable income with vigor on the pursuit of happiness; you know, all those things that bring people and families together.

Somebody has to bring all stuff we need to fuel the fun and the“feels” as the kids put it these days, and as always, the American trucking industry Delivers. How big of a role does the industry play in the U.S. economy? Freight and logistics information Web portal Freightwaves, which is always offering something compelling and informative with their data and analysis, recently painted a sweeping portrait of the industry, publishing big-picture data of the industry in an infographic released mid-August.

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