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September’s For Truckers And So Is The Nation: Celebrating Trucker Appreciation Week

With Trump’s economy adding 1.8 million jobs in July and beating expectations for the third month in a row, it’s clear his policies are capable of sustaining growth in the face of serious economic headwinds -- including one of the sharpest, nastiest and perhaps most avoidable recessions in modern economic history.

October Surprise In September

To the surprise and astonishment of many, the American economy is motoring along more robustly than perhaps even the most optimistic had hoped for given the circumstances. What is no surprise is how essential the trucking industry’s role has been in delivering a healthy portion of the nation’s growing economic recovery.

Thank God For Truckers

President Trump and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elain Chao both agree: “Thank God for truckers.” And we at The Roemer Report couldn’t agree more. Because of the amazing role truckers have played throughout 2020, the observance of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Sept. 13-19, is even more significant, according to American Trucking Associations (ATA).

Covering National Truck Drive Week our friends at report that there are about 3.5 million men and women serving as professional drivers and with two goals in mind: delivering goods reliably, securely, but also keeping the nation’s highways safe.

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As you review these archived editions of the Roemer Report, it is remarkable to see how many major ‘hot button’ issues from way back in the day have been the topics of discussion over the many years and right up to the present day. Fuel costs, Insurance, Equipment innovations, Hours of service, the driver shortage (!) safety regulations, traffic bottlenecks and more. The more things change, the more they really do seem to stay the same!

We hope you will enjoy these historical editions of the Roemer Report. Long known as “The Kiplinger Letter of Trucking” our report has been proudly produced by the Trucking Insurance Experts at Roemer Insurance for over 35 years. Roemer Insurance is the parent company of InsureMyRig and The Roemer Report has always been our way of showing our trucking clients that we support their vital industry and that we really do know the difference between a fifth wheel and a steering wheel. Enjoy!