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ATRI President Brewster Shares Critical Trends and More with attendees at the AssuredPartners Transportation vertical Symposium.

Among all the operating costs facing motor carriers and drivers these days, insurance premiums rank fourth led by fuel, vehicle purchasing and leasing and repair & maintenance.

These statistics were presented recently by American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI) president Rebecca Brewster to insurance executives attending AssuredPartners Transportation vertical (APT) third-annual Transportation Symposium in Orlando.

Event puts trucking’s thought leaders together

Providing a forum for great dialogue and the exchange of ideas, APT’s Transportation Symposium held October 23 and 24 offered several insurance-premium-influencing discussion topics covering issues relevant to fleet owners, drivers and their insurers. Two break-out topics of great interest were Post-Accident Responses and Drivers, Training and Management – The Impact to All of Us. Both of these sessions were well attended; which is not surprising considering that following best practices in these areas can influence insurance premiums in a positive way.

Top trends and operational issues revealed

ATRI’s Brewster presented mid-afternoon and no one was dozing – or at least they shouldn’t have been considering the wealth of statistics and insights she shared with both vendor sponsors and APT’s nation-wide team of affiliates and group leaders.

Presenting ATRI’s annual trends report Brewster noted the following Top 10 Trucking Industry trends:

  1. Driver Shortage (1)

  2. Hours-of-Service (2)

  3. Driver Compensation (new)

  4. Detention / Delay at Customer Facilities (new)

  5. Truck Parking (5)

  6. Driver Retention (3)

  7. ELD Mandate (4)

  8. CSA (6)

  9. Transportation Infrastructure /Congestion / Funding (8)

  10. Economy (10)

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As you review these archived editions of the Roemer Report, it is remarkable to see how many major ‘hot button’ issues from way back in the day have been the topics of discussion over the many years and right up to the present day. Fuel costs, Insurance, Equipment innovations, Hours of service, the driver shortage (!) safety regulations, traffic bottlenecks and more. The more things change, the more they really do seem to stay the same!

We hope you will enjoy these historical editions of the Roemer Report. Long known as “The Kiplinger Letter of Trucking” our report has been proudly produced by the Trucking Insurance Experts at Roemer Insurance for over 35 years. Roemer Insurance is the parent company of InsureMyRig and The Roemer Report has always been our way of showing our trucking clients that we support their vital industry and that we really do know the difference between a fifth wheel and a steering wheel. Enjoy!