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Trucker’s Get the First Glimpse of Independence from HoS in July

Hour of Service (HoS) mandates have been vexing professional truck drivers for several years now. However, vexation turned into (near) rebellion, especially when compliance became electronically unavoidable via the providence of big brother and electronic logging devices otherwise vilified as ELDs.

Responding to congress, the Obama administration mandated use of ELDs in December 2017 — a regulatory requirement. According to a report by Associated Press(AP) reporter Richard Lardner just before the 4th, the FMCSA is set to relax these regulations and grant truck drivers a bit of independence from certain aspects of HoS – although at this writing – exact details yet to be announced but scheduled for July 31.

Because off-duty and on-duty time for most truckers is recorded automatically and precisely by ELD, things got a little tense among the patriots on the road, forced, being round humans, into a damned bureaucratic square holes; via the hammer of regulation and rules by committee.

Lardner noted that per standard human natures, paper logs could be “fudged pretty easily,” but not with ELDs, which hard-wired to the “truck’s engine and has a display screen visible to the driver.”

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