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Pandemic Paining Society And Trucking, As Drivers Stand Up For Their Liberty And Livelihoods

With a tremendous stake in keeping America’s economy moving during the pandemic, truckers are beginning to seriously chafe, and joining the chorus to open the country back up and protest low freight rates.

Truckers Take To The Barricades

Website reported that stuff started to get real on April 20 when some 75 drivers staged a protest stopping and slowing traffic in Houston’s East Loop Freeway. Several sources reported drivers were cited for obstruction of traffic, with one charged more seriously with inciting a riot.

April 24, more than 100 drivers participated in a “slow roll” along several Los Angeles and San Bernardino County freeways, and a similar protest took place in Phoenix. According to, the merde hit the fan when several of these peaceful, non-violent protesters were cited for obstruction of traffic and inciting a riot.

However, as we pass through everyone’s historically favorite month for fomenting rebellion, I hope the nation’s politicians remember the fly-over proletariat across the country are beginning to get very anxious, fearful of losing livelihoods and their professional lives as truckers.

There is recent evidence the crisis is taking an emotional toll on people, especially truckers—In fact, both directions of Interstate 94 (the primary East -West artery passing through Chicago) were shut down for more than three hours April 29th after a woman with a gun barricaded herself in a semi-truck. Obviously in emotional distress, this poor woman had come to the end of her rope and may have been contemplating her end. Fortunately, this stand-off ended peaceably.

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