America's Truckers and Their Real Life Stories on the Road

From the Driver's Seat

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Breakdowns are a real pain. Few things are more aggravating than having a mechanical breakdown with your commercial semi truck. But there’s another kind of breakdown that can be problematical, too. Have you ever had a situation where a breakdown in communications led to hard feelings or harmed a business relationship? I think over the years, we probably all have!

At where we sell trucking insurance every day, communication is key. We sell our awesome truckers the insurance they need to keep rolling down the road. You know, if you think about it many business transactions are really nothing more than a sequence of written - and sometimes verbal - communications. We provide insurance for owner operators as well as owners of every sized fleet of semi trucks with all the coverages they require. Whether it is trucking liability insurance, motor truck cargo, physical damage insurance or even occupational accident insurance; we have our motor carriers covered.

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Earlier this spring, here at Insure My Rig, we had a situation with one of our truckers where he was getting some bad information from a competing agent about one of our insurance companies. Now you might know that we are an insurance agency that writes insurance policies exclusively for truckers. Mostly truckers who operate heavy duty semi-trucks. Whether they are an owner operator or a fleet owner, we are able to provide the insurance they need, be it liability, cargo, bobtail, occupational accident – you name it. If a trucker needs insurance, we can help.

So as you can understand when we have a situation like this where our trucker does not know who to believe, it’s a rather delicate situation. Because, no matter what you say to your prospective customer you will sound self-serving and we don’t ever like to say anything bad about other agents who also sell trucking insurance. We just don’t think it’s professional or classy, so we always avoid these types of situations wherever possible.

How did the story end?

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First thing yesterday morning here at InsureMyRig

We got a call from a trucker in Oklahoma. Let's say his name is “Joe”

He has been a customer of InsureMyRig for eleven years. He has Non-trucking liability as well as physical damage coverage. He has always been a real pleasure to work with because he usually cracks a joke or has something else interesting or funny to say – he’s really the kind of person you like to help out.

Well yesterday he was not joking around. He is an independent contractor with a big trucking company out of Pennsylvania and he was upset because he was told by his motor carrier that his bobtail/ non-trucking liability insurance was not valid, and they would not dispatch him until he got things in proper order. He was pretty steamed up over this because he always pays his bills on time and he was pretty sure everything was ok with his non-trucking liability and automobile physical damage policies through InsureMyRig.

How did the story end?

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Just another day in the life of a long-haul trucker. That is, until Ernest Jenkins, an over the road truck driver from Modesto, California, realized his semi-truck physical damage collision insurance policy was going to expire the following day...

How did the story end?

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The moment I saw the value of having insurance through Insure My Rig was the night I was involved in a parking lot accident. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the accident, so it definitely could've been a lot worse. However, these situations can cause a lot of stress, but I knew my insurance was going to come through for me because I've been doing business with Insure My Rig for many years now.

How did the story end?

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