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Why Choose Insure My Rig?

Top 5 Reasons InsureMyRig.com Should Be Your Commercial Truck Insurance Agency:


We are a 3rd generation family-owned agency that has been insuring America’s truckers for over 80 years.


Our 25 full-time insurance advisors & staff members include a dedicated certificate clerk and an in-house loss control expert.


For over 30 years InsureMyRig has published The Roemer Report, a monthly forecast of the trucking industry’s business and economic trends.


We are long-time members of the American Trucking Association, as well as numerous state trucking associations.


We know the difference between a fifth wheel and a steering wheel.


Featured: 7 common mistakes that can cost truckers big money on their commercial trucking insurance

Mistake #1

Leaving erroneous info on your safer report is a mistake that will cost you money on your commercial trucking insurance premiums. As we all know, he FMCSA maintains lots of safety inspection information about motor carriers. As we know, bureaucracies such as FMCSA are not always 100% efficient and correct. Commercial trucking insurance underwriters use this information every day to calculate your exposures and to generate your commercial trucking insurance premiums.

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Commercial Truck Insurance

Featured: Do You Need Short-Term or Temporary Bobtail Insurance?

If you have purchased a new truck and you only need to drive it to the terminal of your motor carrier in order to sign your lease and formally commence your business relationship, then it’s quite possible you only need a temporary non-trucking liability insurance policy. And we can provide either a 10 day, or a 30 day policy to fit your needs.

We make it simple. We will be happy to talk you through it and make sure that you are properly covered.

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Review By Jerry S

"Insure my rig advisors were helpful and very professional in providing me an affordable quote."

Review by Todd L.

"Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Very competitive pricing. As a small fleet owner, I would highly recommend these guys!"


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THE ROEMER REPORT: September 2020

September’s For Truckers And So Is The Nation: Celebrating Trucker Appreciation Week

With Trump’s economy adding 1.8 million jobs in July and beating expectations for the third month in a row, it’s clear his policies are capable of sustaining growth in the face of serious economic headwinds -- including one of the sharpest, nastiest and perhaps most avoidable recessions in modern economic history.

October Surprise In September

To the surprise and astonishment of many, the American economy is motoring along more robustly than perhaps even the most optimistic had hoped for given the circumstances. What is no surprise is how essential the trucking industry’s role has been in delivering a healthy portion of the nation’s growing economic recovery.

Thank God For Truckers

President Trump and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elain Chao both agree: “Thank God for truckers.” And we at The Roemer Report couldn’t agree more. Because of the amazing role truckers have played throughout 2020, the observance of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Sept. 13-19, is even more significant, according to American Trucking Associations (ATA).

Covering National Truck Drive Week our friends at Trucker.com report that there are about 3.5 million men and women serving as professional drivers and with two goals in mind: delivering goods reliably, securely, but also keeping the nation’s highways safe.

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Insure My Rig is an independent advisor. We represent & quote the following companies & several more:

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InsureMyRig.com is the nation’s leading online trucking insurance agency. Whether you are a leased operator looking for non-trucking liability (bobtail semi truck insurance) and occupational accident semi insurance, or a trucker with his own DOT authority needing commercial auto liability and cargo insurance, we are here to provide assistance. We write fleet trucking insurance policies from 1-1000.