Certificate of Insurance

Losing loads because of a slowww insurance agent?

Don’t lose out on a load because your agent wasn’t quick enough in providing a certificate of insurance. Fast service on certificates of insurance from your truck insurance agent = more loads and more revenue for you! Also: What the heck is a certificate of insurance exactly - and why is the dang thing so important for the successful trucker?

Here at Roemer Insurance / InsuremyRig.com, we spend our work days giving maximum effort to provide our trucking clients with the best service they have ever had. Ever. One of the most important parts of this service picture is how we handle requests for certificates of insurance.

Whether we are selling motor truck cargo insurance, automobile liability insurance, non-trucking liability insurance or automobile physical damage insurance, the certificates are critical. We might get a request from the freight broker, the shipper themselves, or a truck dealer who is completing a sale to a trucker. No matter who is asking, the faster we get the request turned around, the happier everybody is and the more money that goes into our truckers’ pocket. So, we really make the certificate of insurance a very high priority for our trucking insurance agency.

As most truckers know, the certificate of insurance is absolutely critical to your entire operation. If your TRUCKING insurance agent does not understand the urgency of providing accurate and very prompt service for a certificate request, they are costing you money.

If you’re purchasing or leasing a semi-truck the financer will require a certificate of insurance so you can drive the vehicle off of their lot. No insurance, no truck. PERIOD.

And when a shipper is ready to load a motor carrier, the shipper must have evidence that the trucker has good insurance. No insurance, no load. PERIOD.

That’s why we make darn sure that your certificate requests get handled quickly and accurately at ROEMER / INSUREMYRIG.com. We get them out in minutes – not days. If you are an independent contractor or a motor carrier; if you are purchasing any kind of trucking insurance, whether it is cargo insurance, liability insurance, non-trucking liability insurance or physical damage insurance, give us a call or email at ROEMER / INSUREMYRIG.com.

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