Insurance For Fleet Trucking Preparation

The process calls for LOTS of INFO and The larger the fleet, generally, the longer the lead time necessary for underwriting a fleet trucking insurance quote. It is a good idea to maintain insurance underwriting information files and keep them current. If at all possible, DELEGATE. If you have a trusted and capable staffer to assist in this process, by all means delegate this aspect of the fleet insurance buying process. It will make things go much smoother. There is a large amount of information which must be compiled, assembled into a submission and transmitted to the insurance companies: Loss runs. Driver list. Corporate financial statements. Equipment lists with stated values (this part can be time-consuming, although it needn't be). The following is a typical list of required underwriting information.

  • Four (4) years of currently valued loss runs for all lines of coverage to be quoted.
  • Drivers list (including company drivers and owner operators) including name, date of birth, date of hire, driver license number, state of license and # of years experience for each driver.
  • Current equipment list for all company owned and owner operator units (please indicate current values for all equipment to be covered for physical damage).
  • A listing of all commodities hauled with percentages of each and average/max values.
  • Mileage by state (IFTA reports) for the most recent 12-month period.

And keep in mind this is a preliminary list. Underwriters invariably have follow-up questions and additional information requests during the process.