The Basics of Commercial Truck Insurance

Insiders Guide: When it Come to Service, What Should You Expect?


When it Come to Service, What Should You Expect?

Once a trucker has made a wise selection of which commercial trucking insurance broker to utilize and that broker has placed the motor carrier’s risk with the proper insurance company or companies, then what? Well, there’s quite a lot to consider when it comes to the levels of service you can – and should – expect. First: a good trucking insurance agency will have staff dedicated to servicing your policies. They can answer the daily questions that their commercial trucking customers have. Such as: “I am hauling a specialized load, am I covered?” What if your customer says, “Hey, we have an over-size/over-weight load will you haul it?” Maybe this isn’t something you normally do. There are operational as well as business considerations. But you definitely need to give your agent a call to talk it over. Or maybe the question is: “I have a load being offered by a shipper, but I don’t ordinarily haul this type of commodity or the value is higher than my cargo insurance limits. What can I do to be sure that I – and my customer- are fully covered?” You can imagine many other insurance questions that may arise such as: “I just traded in my old truck on a new one, I need to make sure the insurance is correct and the value is accurate for my automobile physical damage.” or, “I need to park my truck for 30 days while I rehab after my knee-replacement surgery. Can I reduce my premiums temporarily? Obviously, you need your agent on speed-dial.

In addition, truckers require certificates of Insurance to be issued to their lenders and shippers and brokers and other business colleagues to keep the fright rolling. This vital function must be performed swiftly and accurately. Your tricking revenue depends on it. If the certificate doesn’t come, you’re not getting loaded

Once again, it’s easy to see, who your agent is and what capabilities their agencies possesses is as important to you as making sure your truck is in proper repair and fuel tank is full.