Insure My Rig Has Trucking Insurance For All Kinds of Truckers

Whether you're a commercial truck driver leased to a motor carrier, fleet owner, or an owner operator, Insure My Rig has the insurance for all your commercial trucking needs. Insure My Rig has been servicing owner operators and smaller fleets of owner operators for over 70-years. Insure My Rig offers a full line of products and services specially designed to meet the trucking insurance needs of leased drivers, owner operators and fleet owners.

By contacting Insure My Rig, you will learn about Truck Driver Liability Insurance, Tractor Trailer Commercial Insurance, Semi-tractor Truck Insurance, and Trucking Fleet Insurance programs. Insure My Rig will do their best to give you a reasonable freightliner Insurance Quote, Big Rig Truck Insurance quote, Semi-truck Insurance quote, and Commercial Truck insurance quote, all the while making the purchase of Commercial Insurance easier on you.

To protect your rig, Insure My Rig offers Physical Damage Insurance that will cover repair or replacement for damage caused from a covered loss to your truck such as collision, fire, theft, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism. Independent trucking contractors, or owner-operators as they are known in our industry, are usually required by their motor carrier to have Non-trucking Liability insurance (Bobtail Insurance). This insurance covers the liability of the owner-operator when they are not running under dispatch; when under dispatch, the auto liability coverage of the motor carrier is in effect.

Insure My Rig also has Occupational Accident Insurance packages (OCC/ACC) that will cover a work-related accident or sickness. Occupational Accident Insurance is designed specifically for owner operators and while not the same as workers compensation, Occupational Accident Insurance, is similar in scope and intent.

If you need Physical Damage Insurance, Non-Trucking Liability (Bobtail) Insurance, Occupational Accident Insurance, or are looking for an Online Owner Operator Fleet Management System Insurance, Insure My Rig can provide the coverage through a full line of services and products designed to meet the insurance needs required to keep you legal and safe on the road.

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