3) Rethinking the Authority Business Model

And although the number of owner-operators obtaining their Authority has rebounded to a certain degree (in light of the rising Trump economy and an uptick (finally) in shipping rates), the business model that led to the rise in the number of owner operators prior to 2015 is swiftly losing its economic edge, its financial attractiveness and profitability being impinged upon by a number of factors – with most centering on the rise of the regulatory burden being thrust on all players in the industry.

Figures for the number of drivers transitioning from owning and operating their own rigs and small 2-3 truck fleets to full-time Professional Employee Drivers (PEDs) for an established fleet are elusive, but there is obvious migration, as well as evidence of people leaving the profession altogether because of the costs, complexities and frustrations Federal regulations have placed (some say) disproportionally at the feet of the owner-operator.