Trucking Slang

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"Ace" - A class A trucker

"Advertising" - Highway Patrol with their lights on

"Alligator" - Large piece of a tire on the road

"At your back door" - Behind your truck

“Back out” - I'm done talking now

"Bambi" - Deer (dead or alive)

"Barbershop" - A low overpass

"Bear bait" - Leader in a group of trucks

"Bear/Smokey" - Generic term for a law enforcement officer

"Bear cave" - Police station on the highway

"Bear in the air" - Overhead highway patrol

"Bear meat" - Speeding truck without a radar detector

"Bear report" - Asking for the location of the cops

"Bedbuggers" - Moving companies

"Better half" - Husband or wife

"Big/tall rubber" - 24 inch tires

"Bingo cards" - Paper cards that hold trucking permits from different states

"Boardwalk" - A bumpy road

"Bobtail" - Traveling without a trailer

"Boogie" - Top gear

“Boss man” - Your immediate superior/supervisor at work.

"Boulevard" - Interstate highway

"Boy scouts" - State police

"Break" - I'd like to break-in, interrupt

"Brake check" - Jamming on your brakes in traffic

"Break one-oh" - I want to talk (on channel 10)

"Breaker" - CB'er who asks to use a channel

“Bubba” - A not-so-formal version of good neighbor.

"Bug out" - To leave a channel

"Bulldog" - Mack truck

"Bumper Sticker" - Car following too closely

"Bundled out" - Trailer is fully loaded

"Buttermilk" - Any beer

"Camera" - Police radar unit

"Cash register" - Toll booth

"Chicken coop" - Truck weight station

"Chicken lights" - Extra lights on a truck

"City kitty" - Woman city police officer

"Clean shot" - No highway patrol around

"Coal Bucket" - Dump Trailer

"Comeback" - Return call or repeat

"Comedian" - Median strip

"Comic book" - Truck driver's log book

"County Mounty" - Highway patrol

"Covered wagon" - Gravel trailer covered with a tarp

"Cowboy" - Truck driver who constantly changes lanes at high speeds

"Crotch rocket" - Motorcycle

"Cub scouts" - Sheriff's deputies

"Darktime" - Nighttime

"Destruction" - Road construction

"Do it to it" - Speed up

"Double Harley" - Putting the CB on channel 11

"Double nickel" - Traveling at 55 MPH

"Down stroke" - A hill going down

"Dragon fly" - A truck with no power

"Dragon Wagon" - Tow truck

"Dry box" - Freight trailer

"Ears on" - CB is turned on

"Eat-em-up" - Truck stop Cafe

"Eighteen wheeler" - A truck with 18 wheels

"Evil Kenivel" - Motorcycle cop

"Fat load" - Overload, carrying more weight than local state law allows

"Feed the bears" - Receive a ticket

"Flappers" - Ears

"Flip flop" - Trucker's return trip

"Fog lifter" - Interesting CB'er

"Four wheeler" - Passenger car or pickup

"Freight shaker" - A Freightliner truck

"Front door" - Lead rig in convoy of trucks

"Gearjammer" - A speeding trucker

"Gearslammer" - A trucker who's known to accelerate and decelerate a lot

"Georgia overdrive" - Neutral gear

"Getting out" - Being heard on the c.b.

"Going horizontal" - Going to sleep

"Got your ears on?" - Used when asking for someone on the CB

"Gouge on it" - Go faster, speed it up

"Grass" - Median strip or side of road

"Green stamp road" - Toll Road

"Green stamps" - Money paid in fines (dollars)

"Hammer" - Gas pedal

"Hammer down" - Drive fast

"Handle" - Slang names used on the c.b.

"Harvey Wallbanger" - Reckless driver

"In the grass" - Pulled over in a median strip

"Invitations" - Traffic tickets

"Juvenile delinquent" - Someone pretending to be a truck driver

"Landline" - Telephone

"Make the trip?" - Is transmission being received

"Mile markers" - Small signs on interstate highways

"Mix-master" - Highway cloverleaf

"On the side" - Pulled over on the shoulder

"One eyed monster" - T.V. set

"Over your shoulder" - Behind you

"Pickle Park" - Rest area

"Pickle Park Pinger" - A CB with a roger-beep

"Pickum-up" - Pick-up truck, light truck

"Picture machine" - Radar

"Picture taker" - Police with radar

"Plain wrapper" - Unmarked police car

"Put the pedal to the metal" - Accelerate, speed up

"Ratchet jaw" - Non-stop talker

"Read" - Hear

"Rest-um-up" - Roadside rest area

"Rig" - Tractor

"Rocking chair" - Vehicle between 2 trucks

"Roger Beep" - An add-on device for CB's that beeps when the mike key is pressed or released

"Roller skate" - Small car

"Rolling parking lot" - Automobile transport

"Shake the leaves" - See what's ahead

"Shiny side" - Top of the trailer

"Skate Board" - A flatbed trailer

"Smokey on four legs" - Mounted police

"Sweeping leaves" - Bringing up the rear

"Stagecoach" - A customized bus used to carry entertainers form venue to venue

"Thermos bottle" - Tanker truck

"Tijuana taxi" - Well marked police car

"Tin can" - CB radio

"Train station" - Traffic court that fines everyone

"Two wheeler" - Motorcycle

"What's your 20?" - Asking for location

"Walked over" - Over powered by a stronger c.b. signal

"Willy weaver" - Drunk driver

"Windjammer" - Blabbermouth trucker

"Window wash" - A rainstorm

"Yardstick" - Mile markers on the road side

"You got a copy on me?" - Do you hear me?


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