Underwriting Information


One of our experienced insurance agents will be calling you.

Below is the information that the insurance company needs to give you a quote.

  • Company Name, Address & Motor Carrier/DOT#:
  • Will you be planning on adding and additional power units within the next 12 months?
  • Business Owner(s) Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License# and Issuing State:
  • Driver(s) Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License#, Issuing State and Years of CDL experience:
  • Year, Make, VIN# & Value for all trucks and trailers that you need insured/own:
  • What commodities/freight will you be hauling?
  • What is the average radius traveled?
  • What limit of cargo coverage are you looking for?
  • What deductibles? ($1,000 / $2,500 / $5,000)
  • If you currently have an active MC/DOT#, please forward Loss Runs for the past 3 years and IFTA reports for the last 4 quarters.