10 Things to Know About Semi-Truck Insurance

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1. Semi-truck insurance does not refer to just one type of insurance! The term refers to several different insurance policies which truckers require to cover commercial trucking operations.

2. Owner-operator truck insurance is another way of referring to semi-truck insurance.

3. Semi-truck insurance policies can be selected to cover a trucker and their commercial vehicle in a variety of situations. These policies can be used for both business and – in the case of non-trucking liability – when your semi is being used for personal reasons.

4. Different policies apply depending on whether you’re leased on to a motor carrier or have your own authority.

5. The cost of commercial semi-truck insurance also varies depending your owner-operator status. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires you to carry your own primary liability insurance in order to issue a federal filing.

6. Cost is also dependent on the type of goods you are hauling. As you might guess, hazardous materials come with a higher insurance premium.

7. Cost also varies with the age and value of your semi truck.

8. The distance you’re traveling impacts insurance costs. Long-haul truckers can expect to pay more than local drivers.

9. A trucker’s driving experience and MVR history - as well as the type of vehicle you’re operating- can make a world of difference in how much you pay to cover your commercial vehicle!

10. Working with an experienced insurance provider such as InsureMyRig will ensure you don’t have any gaps in your semi-truck insurance policy! Our team’s vast knowledge of the trucking industry means we’ll get you the best coverage for the best price.

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