Five questions you should be asking about your semi truck insurance

Do I have the best insurance for my semi truck?


1) How do I know my insurance policy is the best for my semi truck operations?

As we know, semi truck insurance is an expensive and necessary cost of operating any trucking business. And how can you ever know if you have the best insurance for your semi truck? The best way to reassure yourself about this is to be certain that the insurance company and the insurance agent you have chosen both have the specialized expertise in semi truck insurance that you require to protect you every day. Do your own research, ask other truckers for their recommendations, choose wisely among your options and always keep in mind the lowest price may not be your best value in semi truck insurance. You need a professional agent and a respected insurance company for your semi truck insurance needs.

2) How much semi truck insurance coverage is enough?

This is a difficult question. The federal government requires a minimum of $750,000 liability insurance to maintain your DOT authority But is that really enough semi truck insurance? Jury verdicts seem to be increasing every day. A good rule of thumb is probably that higher limits are very advisable - at least $1M - when you are purchasing truck insurance.


3) Is my semi truck insurance agent doing a good job for me?

Does your agent have good answers for your questions? Does he get back to you quickly when you request a certificate of insurance or have other service needs? Is he willing to have a difficult conversation with you rather than just tell you what he thinks you want to hear? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself about your semi truck insurance agent.

4) What do I need to know about my semi truck insurance if I have an accident?

This is when you will really know about the quality of your semi truck insurance policy. And questions about claims handling and claims reporting are certainly issues you should be raising with your semi truck insurance agent as you are choosing who to do business with. But you definitely need to have claims reporting info handy to notify the insurance company if you have an accident.


5) Why is my semi truck insurance so expensive?

Over the past 10 years, we have seen the commercial automobile liability insurance industry consistently operating at a loss. It is a triple whammy of more expensive trucks which drive up loss costs for repairs, higher frequency of accidents due to distracted driving especially from cell phone use, and also “nuclear” verdicts going ever upwards due to the aggressive tactics of plaintiff’s attorneys. These factors together are steadily driving up semi truck insurance premiums. And sad to say there is no end in sight to this increase in cost. Therefore it is very very important to choose your semi truck insurance agent and your semi truck insurance company carefully while at the same time operating your semi truck in the safest fashion possible to avoid claims which will help you maintain the lowest possible premiums.


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